Why Sepsis?

As a startup seeking to address a big problem with an exciting solution, sepsis presents a compelling challenge:

  • it’s global
  • its effects are felt by every citizen of the earth
  • best practices are virtually universal
  • the problem is well-understood and is being measured more and more rigorously
  • in North America, the problem is largely bounded by emergency rooms and ICU’s

Sepsis management focuses almost entirely on rapid diagnosis and time-to-treatment.  This makes the challenge less complex than it otherwise might be.

As technorati, we are convinced that technology can be profoundly impactful in the pursuit of solutions.  As designers, we acknowledge that technology alone is not the answer. We must compose affordable technology with deep human factors consideration of the realities in the clinical setting.

This won’t be easy.  But it will be worth it.  Small improvements in clinical performance around sepsis will be hugely beneficial – to practitioners, administrators, and of course to patients and their families!


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